Friday 13 July 2012

Elvira's Star QAL#4

For the record, Elvira's Star QAL is perfect for everyone! Newbies learn the basics of working with HSTs (Half square triangles) and QSTs (Quarter square triangles) and constructing complicated patterns out of these simple shapes. For the intermediate quilter, the QAL offers a chance to work on bias seams and perfecting corners and getting sharp points. For the advanced quilter, its a perfect opportunity to play with colours and placements and come up with their owm signature style star quilts. So here's the progress so far after installments one, two and three...

..And now, for the fourth and final block from Elvira :

Block 4 : Marble Star Block

    This is the final star of our QAL. I took the pattern from the net, make the necessary changes and change the measurement to 12” block. It’s fun to make and you will learn another way to make star geese. It has star geese, hst and pinwheel block…so much FUN !! We will make 4 of these.

    What you need :

    1 background fabric (WHITE)
    1 Printed fabric (YELLOW)
    1 Printed fabric (GREEN)

    The Cut:
     1. From the WHITE fabric
    -         Cut 16 x  3 1/2” squares
    -         Cut 16 x (3 ½” x 6 ½” rectangles)

    2. From the YELLOW Fabric:
    -         Cut 8 x 4” squares
    -         Cut 16 x 3 ½” square

    3. From the GREEN fabric:
    -         Cut 8 x 4” squares
    -         Cut 16 x 3 ½” square

    The Method:

    1. Making the Flying Geese:

    1. Put the 3 ½” GREEN on the WHITE RECTANGLE as seen in the Picture. Draw the line on the Green fabric and sew ON THE LINE. .
    2. Then Cut ¼” from the line
    3. Flip and press open. And then mark diagonally and put the YELLOW fabric on the left side. Sew ON THE LINE and cut ¼” from the line

    4. Now you will have this flying geese. Finish making the flying geese with the rest of rectangles.

    2. Making the pinwheel

    1. Put the 4” squares GREEN and YELLOW right side together. Mark the middle line DIAGONALLY. Sew ¼” on BOTH SIDES of the line. Cut on the line and press open.


    4. Arrange the green and yellow HST squares into pinwheel and sew.


    Arrange the mini blocks just like shown in the picture. Sew them together row by row with ¼” seam and your marble star is ready

    Now, isn't that fun? Do't mind the serial no.s 'coz something happened and blogger refuses to let me correct it.

    So, until next time then. In our final installment we shall learn to put the quilt together and finish it.

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