Wednesday 18 July 2012

Elvira's Star QAL#5

Elvira's Star QAL has encouraged many a newbie to get over their piecophobia and start piecing. Take a look..

This is getting exciting. So get all your star blocks  ready for here's Elvira's how-to on putting together the final touches to your special quilt:

Finishing the quilt:

Since I’m making a tablecloth, I will not use batting for my quilt. I put a border in lime green and yellow at the back.

I’m using mitered border which gave a very nice finish to the tablecloth. For the mitered border I used tutorial from CHERRY MENLOVE ( which is awesome. She gave a very clear instruction on how to do it, so please go and take a look at her blog if you want a mitered border. And also you can see how she finished her patchwork tablecloth which exactly what I did mine.

If you want to make a regular sandwich and binding quilt, there are few tutorial which I found it easy to follow:

4. Video Tutorial on Binding the Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt (

And this is the result :D

So, that's all...I hope you enjoy the ride and can't wait to see what you're all making..^_^

Happy Quilting

Do join us next week to view the entire gallery of finished Star Quilts from our Desi Quilters.

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