Sunday 8 July 2012

Elvira's Star QAL#3

Here's what DQs have been doing after the first and second installments of Elvira's Star QAL :

This is getting exciting. Over to Elvira for the 3rd star..

Block 3 : Variable Friendship Star

I saw Madhu’s design based on the simple friendship star and here what I came up with. It’s 12” blocks . This is a simple version from what Madhu has designed ;) . We’re going to make 4 of this block :)

What you need:
1 background fabric (white)
1 solid fabric (green)
1 printed fabric (Pink flower)

The CUT:
 1. From the BACKGROUND fabric
-         Cut 20 x 4 ½” Squares
-         Cut 4 x 5 ½” squares and cut TWICE DIAGONALLY

 2. From the GREEN fabric
-         Cut 4 x 5 ½” squares and cut TWICE DIAGONALLY

3. From the PINK FLOWER fabric
-         Cut 8 x 5” squares and cut ONCE DIAGONALLY

 1. Put the WHITE and GREEN together and SEW ¼” on the RIGHT SIDE of the GREEN.

2. Press open and sew the Green and White triangle to the PINK Flower one. And you will get this small block. Press the seam open and square them up to 4 ½” squares

 3. Arrange the pieces as shown in the picture and sew them together row by row

4. and Voila..your variable friendship star is Done..:)

If you have any questions just ask me:)

Happy Sewing girls :)

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