Monday 2 July 2012

Elvira's Star QAL#2

 Its amazing how even a simple block like the Flying Geese Star Block can look so different with the difference in colour treatment. Take a look at what our Desi Quilters have been busy with after the first installment of Elvira's Star QAL.

Over to Elvira for the 2nd block of her Star Quilt-Along..the Ohio Star Block..

Hello girls....
Ready for the second installment of the QAL's block? This time we're going to make Ohio Star Block. It's fun to make and pretty easy.

What you need:
TWO colors of fabric, preferably solid and printed on contrast color. Of course you can use 3 colors if you like. But here I'm using only 2.

STAR QAL Block # 2
Finish block size: 12”
Block to be made: 4 blocks

The CUT 
  1. Cut   8 of 5 ½” squares from the SOLID fabric – let’s call this fabric A
  2. Cut 8 of 5 ½ “ squares from the PRINTED fabric – B
  3. Cut 16 of 4 ½ “ squares from the SOLID fabric - C
  4. Cut 4 of 4 ½ squares from the PRINTED fabric - D

 1. Take fabric A and mark diagonally across. 

2. Put A and B right side together and Sticth ¼” on both sides of the diagonal line. And cut on the line.

This will make 2 HST blocks 

3. Draw diagonal line on one of the HST 

and put the 2 HST together on opposite 

and stitch 1/4" on both sides of the line. Once you finish sewing, cut the line and you will get 2 hourglass block like these: 

Now, Square them up into a neat 4 1/2" 

Repeat the steps above with the remaining fabric A & B.

3. Now arrange fabric C & D with the hourglass blocks as the pic below: 

How fun is that??'s so easy, isn't it?? :)

Always press/iron the seam to the darker fabric. This will make it easier when you sew them together. Esp. if you make block from HST.

Happy Quilting girls ^_^

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