Sunday 1 July 2012

DQ Monthly Challenges

 The rules for the monthly challenges are announced at the beginning of the month and participants have to prepare and post their entries before the end of the month. These challenges test different abilities of the quilters like skill, precision, creativity, neatness and sense of colour and balance. Most of all, the challenges aim to push the participants to raise the bar for themselves and encourage them to figure out how to stay within the boundaries of rules and yet think out of the box to create something drool-worthy.

Since there are newbies as well as olbies (?) and the skill levels cover the entire spectrum, the challenge winners will initially be picked by lots. The entries are put in an album on our facebook page and members are encouraged to post their comments and words of appreciation to in turn encourage the participants. The lucky winner will then pick a 'buddy winner' from amongst those who have left a (nice/useful) comment on her entry.

The first Challenge concentrated on the creative use of a simple shape like the Square. The rules for the June Challenge were :

Make a quilted item, any size, using ONLY squares.
last date : 30th June 2012, 6 PM IST.

There were 11 superb entries. Do visit our Facebook page (our drawing room - where all the fun happens - Button on the right --->) for the behind the scenes drama :-)

1. Elvira Threeyama
Here's my entry. I haven't make a blog entry as yet, will do it soon though :)

2. Tina Katwal
Go figure!

3. Brinda Crishna

4. Nirmala Gurunathan

5. Aliya Mir
 Entry 1

6. Aliya Mir

7. Chumkie Mukherjee
More pictures in DQ album called Chumkies Quilts.

8. Veena Krishnakumar

9. Shalini Gurunath

10. Nikhat Syeda Arshia

11.Vidya Vartak Joshi

Wow, right? Who do you think the winner should be?


  1. All the entries are really good and different but I think its Tina who should win this one !! Real out of the box thinking there !!

  2. Wow! This is tough! There are so many outstanding pieces. How can anyone pick just one? It would be like saying you love one child more than the others!

  3. Although all the entries are prize worthy I think Tina should win this challenge for such a brilliant idea.
    I also like Chumkie's and Elvira's a lot.

  4. beautiful - i love the colours in tina's work. where does one find out about the july challenge?