Wednesday 4 July 2012

June Winner, July Rules

Of the 11 lovely entries, the winner for the DQ June 2012 Challenge has been picked by the random number generator and the lucky winner is entry no.5, Aliya Mir. The rest of the participants will be sending her a Fat Quarter each. Aliya will now pick a 'buddy winner' from those who'd left her a word of encouragement and/or appreciation.
The rules for the July 2012 Challenge were announced on 1st July on our Facebook page. The announcement went as follows :

Ok ladies, lets see what you can do with colour. Or rather, the lack of it. Here are the July Challenge Rules:

- Make a quilted item (any size) using ONLY monochromatic colours
- A MINIMUM of 4 different fabrics to be used
- Either AVOID solids altogether or, use NOT MORE than 2 solids. 

Last date : 31st July 2012, 6 PM IST.

Ready, get set, goooooo......

1 comment:

  1. Tina, I am a bit confused. If we are not using solids how will it be monochromatic? Because from what I understand monochromatic is shades of one colour only and that we will get it solids. Print will have some sort of other colour too.